Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanking God for this Blessing!

A friend of mine blessed us with this vehicle. We are very excited to have it because my whole family can fit in it. We really thank God for this friend of mine who is so generous to give us the money to buy it.


Dines said...

wow! i like the color! good we will have a van to use when we go home in january. excited na jud ko para maka adto ta sa white beach resort kita tanan jud. Congrats!

Ombod said...

KDan and Ate Babeth,
I thank God for fulfilling the desires of your heart, am so much happy that you have this great blessing from God.God really is a fulfilling God, dili na ta sigi handum adtong panahon nga magsakaysakay ta sa ford ni Uncle Abraham nga paminaw nato atua pud hehehe! Di nako maghahuna huna nga nahulog ko sa SAMSHER nga ford g drive ni Kuya Carlie.....
Happy me subra!