Friday, June 27, 2008


We have temporarily moved our services to another building a few months ago. We saw the need to expand. Our building before could no longer accommodate the number of people that has been coming to church. We are still praying and considering to renovate the old building. On the other hand, we want to look for a spacious land area in the city where we can build a bigger church building. But things are getting a little tight in Tandag as prices of everything have really gone up so high, including the building materials and the piece of land. At the moment we are really trusting God to provide our needs because the church just doesn't have that finances to be able to afford it. So we don't have a final decision yet as to building a church in a new bigger space or to renovate the old building we have. The only downside of renovating that old building is that its land area is too small for a medium-size church building. We are sort of waiting for God's guidance.

Our Family Portrait

Our family picture taken very recently.

This one was take back then, about 5 years ago.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nouf is sick

My daughter, Nouf, has been feverish for three days now. I make sure I am home to monitor her condition. She has missed school for a few days now. Please do pray that she would recover soon.